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I've had terrific mentors for much of my life. Most of my life's lessons I can track back to a specific moment or specific person. I've tried to capture a few of these moments in the following children's books, hoping I can pass along the lessons that meant so much to me, to my own kids.


Each book has its own individual moral, but they center generally around simply encouraging kids to do their best. People willing to work hard and genuinely put forth their best effort can carve their own path, overcome setbacks and build resilience in an ever evolving world.


Resilient people are adaptable. They're likable. They're survivors. They're thrivers. I hope these books can help in their own little way to make more kids more resilient. 

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cover 1.jpg

I wrote and self-published this book in 2018. I've read so many books to my kids (many of them were just god awful) and I figured writing a kids book couldn't be that hard, so I set out to do it. I figured worst case I write another crappy kids book. Well, my assumption was wrong, writing and publishing was a monster task! I have tons of respect for writers, especially of good children's books. Ultimately, I'm very pleased with the first book (I'm toying with a follow up). The illustrator, Elizabeth Prillaman was amazing to work with and I think her art really makes the book. Long and short, it's the story of an awkward Donkey, who stinks at baseball. Through the story, Donkey learns that if he works hard he'll get better and will have more fun, and under the tutelage of the Toad, Donkey does just that.

Book 2.jpg

This follow up book is intended to give kids encouragement with the obstacles they face. What better way than for the characters to face literal obstacles?!

I'm a huge fan of Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, Savage race and the rest. The races are built for anyone looking to challenge themselves mentally, physically and even spiritually.

I believe extraordinary growth comes from being challenged and trying new things. It's my hope this book gives kids confidence to try, try again and to find the joy in challenge and growth.

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