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So many of the incredible aspects of our existence are the result of someone, somewhere, beginning a journey with the thought "I wonder if...". I wonder if I ask that person out...I wonder if I use carbon filament...I wonder if I can connect those things...

Those someone's accomplishments and contributions to the world may never have materialized if not for their taking an action to satisfy their curiosity, to determine whether the subject of their wondering has any legs. They took an action. Perhaps that action refined their thought, perhaps they failed, tried again, and so on, until their idea crashed and burned, worked out, or inspired another idea along the way.

Humanity thrives on the sharing of ideas and information. Consider the internet. Globalization has been redefined in the used to be the transport of goods, now it's the transport of ideas. Facebook, Instagram, Linked in and the like have already allowed for collaboration of individuals across the planet at a rapid pace. I beg of you...indulge your curiosities and chase those "I wonder" ideas, for all of our benefit!

Putting yourself out there is easier said than done, I know. There are risks...what if you fail? What would your family think? What if you're embarrassed? Who would you let down? What if you lost your money? You may never get that time back. Could your ego ever recover? Perhaps you don't have the confidence to try.

Consider that last sentence..."the confidence to try". I heard recently that "trying IS confidence". I like that. Remember riding a bike? You didn't go into that activity with confidence, you built your confidence by trying, then trying again, and again. How many times did you fail? If you can ride a bike, you failed one less time the number times you tried.

If you have a goal, or an idea, or are just wondering...take an action. There's a saying in sports..."You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I want you to indulge your wonder and give it a try...perhaps it works out, perhaps it doesn't, but just trying, your capacity as a human will expand and grow and confidence will build along the way.

If you allow your curiosity to drive you, you'll constantly wonder "If I can do that, what else can I do?"

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