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Tyler Ross

What People Say 


"Tyler is the good kind of dreamer; the type that puts action behind thoughts, hoping for the best while not afraid of the worst."

-Stephen Kott, friend

Tyler Ross was born and raised in Warrenton, Virginia. He is married, with two children, and continues to work and live in his hometown. He is the owner & broker at Ross Real Estate and enjoys pursuing other endeavors such as his health & fitness, writing, and investments. 

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"Tyler Ross is the most annoying person I have ever met."

That beautiful brain of his is constantly on full-tilt; trying to push himself to be better, stronger, faster in everything he does. If he catches your scent, be aware that he will hunt you down and push you to do the same: be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. He will not take no for an answer, no matter how stubborn or stuck you are. He genuinely cares for the mental and physical health of everyone he loves, and will make it his priority to make sure that you feel the same way about yourself. He is by a landslide the most loyal, considerate, self-less person on this earth, and I am incredibly grateful that I get to be annoyed by him every single day.

   - Sarah, Wife

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"An inventor since childhood...always creating elaborate, yet humane, mouse traps, magic tricks and games."

Equally as interested in baseball and video games as he was rock tumbling or cracking open geodes.

Wonderfully athletic; his natural talent for swing dancing, early 90s hip hop moves and being able to pinch hit as a goalie for the soccer team or on any sports team for that matter.

I remember he wanted to learn how to braid, so I taught him. I think you were around 4th or 5th grade. Always had good 1hour+ phone calls with me when we were no longer living under the same roof; all through my years in college, NYC, and WA. I feel like he would perhaps describe himself as competitive, but I have always noticed that he is genuinely excited for other people's interests and accomplishments..which is truly professional. It reminds me of seeing NFL players being so aggressive, just vicious, on the field to an opposing member of a team, but then they are slapping butts and hugging after, offering their congrats on a job well done. He is like that. Seems like he has learned how to prioritize so well over the years- leaving work at work, putting his health first, so as to serve those around him better.

   - Ryan, Sister


"Tyler is always learning something new, and inspires all around him."

Disclaimer: I am his Mother, so my experience of Tyler may be a bit jaded. On the flip side, parents have experienced the worst of a person as well! I have to say, that other than his annoying (to me) tendency to play the devil's advocate in a conversation (which actually illustrates he has the ability to see all sides of an issue), Tyler is one of a kind in the "male" department.  He is the most sensitive, kind and caring person I know. A story that has always stuck out in my mind, is when he was a little kid he invited over a little girl in the third grade and told me ahead of time that she is so shy she doesn't speak. "Don't worry" he says "I understand her." Moving ahead to high many 18 year olds bound into the bleachers after a basketball game to hug his Mom in front of all his friends?!  Tyler, as an adult, sends me flowers on HIS birthday! Tyler spent the majority of his childhood with his single mother and developed a sense of taking care of everyone, as the man in the house, which continues to this day. Qualities I see in Tyler are extreme integrity, incredible creativity, a problem-solver extraordinaire, a great sense of humor, can show his true strength through not being afraid to be vulnerable and open, a very deep thinker and sense of spirituality, an ability to think out of the box, adaptability to and understanding of almost any way of life...fitting in most anywhere and truly caring about people. If you can go to the septs in a conversation, you will enjoy talking to him.  I see Tyler as a visionary that will be instrumental in creating a better world. His kids hit the jackpot in the Dad department!

   - Shelly, Mom


"Possibly naive or oblivious to the distinction between toeing the line and walking the plank."

Tyler is the good kind of dreamer; the type that puts action behind thoughts, hoping for the best while not afraid of the worst.

He is enthusiastically willing to take risks in order to create, instead of just accepting it as is.

   - Stephen, Friend & Colleague

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